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At White Gloves we are fortunate to have covered many different types of weddings right across England really. And we've found that they tend to fall into four different groups.

Church Weddings

Church weddings are still the most regular weddings for us and typically take one of our three hour hires which covers any transportation beforehand, the wedding itself and everything that goes with it, including photographs, the journey on to the reception and so on.

However, they're not always as straightforward as you might think! It's great when the church is local to the bride's parents' house. On other occasions it is a little further afield and not always in the easiest of locations. Sometimes it's not well advertised nor very clear on the internet or satnavs, and quite often it's down a difficult little road with a small entrance. Sometimes we have to make two or three journeys into the church, hide around the corner with the bride because we're early, meet a horse and carriage on the way and so on. So churches can often be a challenge which we always meet with good advanced preparation. Then on the wedding day itself we adopt an assured approach, maintain a sense of calm and definitely keep a good sense of humour!

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Registry Office Weddings

Registry office weddings are also very popular and take on most of the characteristics of a church wedding. So typically they also take around a three hour hire, covering much of the same requirements.

There are, however, important differences we have to take into account. Firstly, there is no room for manoeuvre beforehand. The bride and groom are allocated a specific time slot for which they daren't be late, starting with a signing 15 minutes beforehand. As the registry office usually has several weddings on the same day, coupled with the fact that the registrar sometimes resembles a strict schoolmistress, we all have to keep on our toes! Also, registry offices are often in town or city centres, making parking and access limited and awkward. That's again when it really helps to have an experienced and flexible chauffeur who can always rise to the challenge.

Asian Weddings

Asian weddings from the Indian sub-continent are something completely different in as much as they are a law unto themselves! When we first covered these events we were a little taken aback, to say the least! Firstly there are a lot of people around at each stage so it can be a bit of a bunfight throughout. Then the wedding transport can often be over great distances around the country, where the temples and people's houses are not always easily accessible. Things rarely run on time and the game plan often changes. This type of wedding car hire usually takes up the whole day, and sometimes the evening too.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? Actually Asian weddings are the most fun by far. All the participants really get into it, there's lots of activity bursting with bright colours and great tradition. Everybody's in great party spirit and the hosts are extremely friendly and hospitable. Our chauffeurs are always looked after and invariably encouraged to join in, eat the wonderful food and even have the odd dance or two. Fantastic.

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Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies are definitely on the increase and cover all sorts of possibilities. They more often than not tend to be discreet and stylish occasions and, accordingly, require a more considered approach from us. As we have mentioned previously, we are very experienced and qualified to meet everybody's expectations, right from the very first point of contact through to the conclusion of their wedding car hire.

Locations are typically well thought out and can be somewhere as simple as a registry office or as different as a converted barn, country house or wonderful hotel in spectacular grounds.

Why not give us a call?

Whichever type of wedding you're having we're confident we can deliver the best possible service from start to finish that you could possibly hope for. Please feel free to call us for a chat any time between 8am and 8pm seven days a week including most bank holidays or complete our online enquiry form.

We're wedding specialists

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White Gloves offers an unparallelled service in wedding car hire by providing the finest modern wedding cars and classic wedding cars, driven by the friendliest and professional chauffeurs we know. So, if you have a moment, give us a call or complete our online enquiry form.

Mercedes S Class LWB

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When thinking about our chauffeur cars we chose the Mercedes S Class as we wanted to give our clients the best levels of comfort and space available. This is why we selected the Long Wheel Base version (LWB), which offers an incredible amount of leg room for the rear passengers.

Bramwith Landaulette

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The 7 seater Bramwith Landaulette was recently handbuilt in England by the finest craftsmen who have faithfully maintained a great deal of the main detail and engineering of the classic 1930's Model A Ford.

Mercedes Viano

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We chose the Extra Long Viano Ambiente which boasts an ocean of space at the rear for storage and luggage. In addition the stylish conference seating allows the six people in the rear plenty of leg room where they get to face each other, which is more intimate or more fun, depending on how you look at it! When you actually sit inside the Viano you get the true feel of its pure build quality with its luxurious, spacious and sound proofed interior. And it becomes immediately apparent why the Viano sets itself so clearly above the rest.